What New Opportunities exist after Our Organizations get through this Crisis?
I know all of our organizations have been scrambling in wake of this pandemic to meet the needs of our clients.
Ohio Medicaid as well as many commercial payers moved quickly to accommodate TeleHealth services implemented by agencies around this State. As of this writing, on July 16, 2020, the Governor has extended his Emergency Orders another 120 days in response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.
But out of this unforeseen situation, what are some lessons that have been learned?  Have you been surprised by your client’s use of technology?  Are there new opportunities that are growing out of this crisis?  Are you able to make lemonade out of these lemons?
The forward thinking organizations are now looking past this pandemic and are planning for the future.  Have you studied these new trends within your organization?  Is there a more prominent place for TeleHealth as it relates to your medical services, clinical services and/or case management services?
Has your Quality team looked at how effective your clinical services have been during this emergency time frame?  Here are a few questions that your organization may want answered:
  1. Are clients more compliant in keeping their physician and therapist appointments?
  2. Are clients filling their medications on a more routine basis?
  3. Have the number of “emergency situation” encounters with your clients been reduced?
  4. Have we asked our clients if they want to continue to obtain their TeleHealth visits after the crisis has abated?
  5. Are clients reporting improvement in their overall physical and emotional health?
I believe that we will probably never go back to “normal” as we knew it before.  Is your organization preparing for our “new” normal?  Maybe it’s time that your agency create its own clinical best practices!
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