For most clinicians, administrative tasks are not what they went to school for!  They are interested in working with their clients and their clients’ families.

Unfortunately, administrative tasks are a fact of life in our practices and to neglect them invites revenue disruption!

Many third party payers (both Medicaid and Commercial) have streamlined their credentialing and contracting processes.  Most payers utilize the CAQH credentialing application, a standardized electronic credentialing application that contains the vast majority of professional and practice information needed to have that clinician credentialed or recredentialed for that payer.

However, most clinicians do not want to spend the time completing this credentialing application.  It can be tedious, time consuming and if certain practice information is not correct, problems with reimbursement may result!  Enter G&M Consulting!

For a flat annual fee, G&M Consulting will maintain your existing CAQH application for you.  We will be your “eyes and ears” to make sure your CAQH credentialing application is accurate and active for any payer to access.

Clinicians are able to rest easy knowing that their CAQH credentialing application is taken care of so that they can focus on what is truly important to them, working with their clients.

Please feel free to contact us at  for more information on our CAQH Maintenance Subscription Program!

And as always, please let us know how G&M Consulting can be of assistance to your practice or agency!